1410 page widths : 2-Columns Menu Tab Page etc


(I’m not sure this is a bug actually, plz feel free to recategorise as you see fit)

I’ve noticed that almost all the pages in the canvas pages set have a page width of 1220 but the 2-column menu tab page is based on a 1410 page width… Is this intentional?

Would it be a problem if we want to switch the default widths to 1220? What all changes would need to be made?Im assume page, header and some sort of positioning changes on the content level?

The reason behind wanting the same width is that the different header widths on different pages (1220 widths and 1410 widths) give an inconsistent feel to the pages.


PS : Also profile pages based off 2 column profile tabs page

Hi @green,

Yes, that is intentional due to some responsive settings. However, you could make the page 1220px, make Group Main fixed width, and center the group if you want to update the page.

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