2-Column Menu Tabs Page & accordion menu


I have a question please. In those 2 templates, i can only see the Profil in the editor, even in the element tree. How can i access the login credential please ?
I check in the library and there is no block with this name.

I juste made a check on your template canvas-413.bubbleapps.io and in the element tree i can see all the tab hidden (group main 1 tab, 2 tab etc). Those does not appear on my template…

Thanks :slight_smile:


I think you may be referring to some Canvas assets instead of the Canvas template. (you can check Canvas components/assets here)

What would you like to access with login credentials? Please provide a link or a screenshot in order to better assist :smiley:


Yes, i got the component thanks :slight_smile:

I will try to explain myself.

I am watching multiple airdev canvas videos (like this one : https://build.airdev.co/course/1651255194770x838927413470298100?tab=1621614229001x271957720396726270&sub=1621629829015x159559677989879800)
and i am trying to do the same.

Howerver, there are many things i dont have on my element tree.

When i create a new page and i use the “2-Column Menu Tabs Page” :
on the left i have the side portal with the parent group’s text : profile / log in credential / payment / notifications.
on the right, i have the group tabs main and inside i have the Group Nav 1 (profil). Howerver, i do not have the Group Nav 2 (log in), Group Nav 3 (payment) and Group Nav 4 (notifications) in the element tree. not even hiden.

In all the videos and exemple i found, those elements where hidden in the element tree and had the setting/Parameter done.

Where there some changes with the new Airdev Canvas template ? Or i am doing this wrong ? wrong template ? / Block ?

Thanks for your help and for your time,

What i have
what i have

What i am expecting to have
what i should have

I see.

Canvas versions are updated continuously. This means that there can be more or less groups/elements depending on the version.

Also, please note that those videos were recorded with an “X” Canvas version that may be different from the one you using and under the old responsive engine.

Any Canvas version 4.0 or higher is now under the new responsive engine.

There are less groups/elements now as flexbox made building a UI in Bubble more powerful. :smiley:

That’s a very bad news for me… :frowning:

I checked and yes, many less element so i will have to do all the setting myself…

Do you know when will it be a new update please? Maybe better to wait for it ?

Thank you for your quick answer :slight_smile:


You can create a new Bubble app and install the latest free Canvas template from the Bubble templates store anytime! :smiley:

No Bubble template can be installed in an existing app unfortunately. So, the only way to use the latest version of Canvas is to create a new Bubble with it.

The Canvas template is continuously updated as I mentioned. You can check all releases in this link:

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