Account page redirection

Hello !

I’m having trouble with my account page I really don’t understand.
Since today, some users are automaticcally redirected to the index page right after account page is loaded (side bar profile page from the template).
I’ve looked everywhere, can’t find the problem.

Some profiles (created weeks ago) can reach the page, but the new one are automatically redirected.
Some ideas where it can come from/where to check ???

Thx a lot

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Hello @johann.ouaki !

This video should help:

Thx @cmarchan I watched all those video already :wink:
I didn’t touch anything of think kind recently and suddenly, some pages redirect users to the index and I have no clue why. Could it be releated to the recent canva update ???

Hello @johann.ouaki

No because updates to the Canvas framework do not affect individual Canvas templates.

Considering reviewing your redirection logic in the following areas (the video does a good job covering most of these):

Header page (particularly the event that checks for pages and user roles)
Options set (Bubble pages and User roles)
Index page
Individual pages in case you have any events that check for a user’s role on page load