Add Bubble Search Box to index page


I am wanting to know how to add a bubble Search Box to the Canvas index page. I can’t seem to find how to do this. If I view the index page in Bubble it is blank.

When I view the page in the Canvas editor there is no options to add bubble functionality just the Canvas blocks:

Am I missing something or you can’t add Bubble functionality to the index page in Canvas?


Hello @JoelK welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, this is not possible yet from html marketing pages.

There are two alternatives that I can think of to implement this:

  • Do away from using your index page as an html page and rather use a Bubble page instead. There are a fee and paid versions of this html page available as a Bubble page here
  • Keep the index as an html page and use a search icon in the header element. Instructional video link below:
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