Adding a sidebar menu to an existing page


I’ve created a page using the template Standard Portal / Dashboard Page. Now I want to swap the wide sidebar and use the one found on Simple Portal / Dashboard Page with Icons.

In the docs it says You can add the “Icon” and “Double” sidebar portal page designs using the Canvas extension. I cannot seem to find that block in the Google canvas extension.

Looks like I’m missing something?

Best, Peter

Hello @philledille welcome to the forum!

The Chrome extension will show all the assets that are compatible with the Canvas version that was installed in your application during its creation.

If you do not see a specific asset in the extension. It is, unfortunately, not available to the version of your Canvas Bubble template.

Please note that Bubble only allows the installation of a Bubble template during its creation. So, once a Canvas Bubble template has been installed in your application it cannot be updated. Your application will be running with all the programming available in that template only.

Thanks for making that clear.

Best, Peter

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