Admin page problem :-(

Only background visible, no texts and buttons!
How can I fix this??

Hello @jarnonline welcome back to the forum!

Have you tried the elements tree perhaps?


Thanks for your comment! unfortunately I can’t get through the elements tree!

this is what i see when i am logged in with my admin account

Please share a screenshot :smiley:

You can also send a support ticket to

Hello Carlos,
Unfortunately I can’t find the problem! I also find it hard to find what to look for. I am logged in as an admin user. But only get to see the background.

Best regards Jarno

bubble also automatically creates a new admin page, but I don’t see this in the bubble page list

Schermafbeelding 2022-02-11 152510

Hello @jarnonline !

Thanks for the screenshots.

Please send a link to the Bubble editor for this app to so that we can take a peek :smiley: