Admin portal - missing element bug / console error bug

Hello all,

For those of you who made an app in the past 10 days or so (first half of March 2021), there is a bug in the admin portal that doesn’t affect the functionality of the page, but which throws a browser console error. Sorry about this error - it slipped by when making some last-minute updates prompted by a more urgent bug a couple of weeks ago.


To resolve this error, delete the “Checkforextension A” element in the admin_portal_canvas_logic reusable element. Note that this element can only be selected via the sidebar on the left, NOT through the element dropdown at the top of the editor:

After deleting the element, the error will no longer occur.

If you have any questions about this issue, please post in the thread below.

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Oh thanks @chris … this post came at the right time! … I was going ballistic with this problem …

Thanks again! :+1:


Glad it was helpful - feel free to reach out when you have a Canvas problem and need help!

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