Airdev Canvas tool please help!

Hi, I been trying to solve this literally all day and I’ve had no luck. I am using the bottom input chat block and adding it to the page then as soon as I add it I can get 100 issues showing on the top. I tried connecting it with the workflow of the application and still no luck. Can someone please help?

Hello @bgaleano

A few important things have happened recently with Bubble and with Airdev’s Canvas.

Bubble made a big change to custom events that is creating issues that are not real issues. When you see “autofix” in an issue just click it and it should fix itself.

As for Airdev … the Canvas template has been updated to the new responsive engine.:smiley:

So you may have:

  • Pasted a new responsive chat component onto an app running on an earlier Canvas version

or …

  • Pasted an earlier version chat component onto a new responsive Bubble page

Some of the above may be at play in your situation.

Also … this component by itself carries some issues when first installed. These issues are related to database objects and/or fields that need to be recovered after installation. I say recover because they exist but are hidden from view.

Tackle all issues patiently and you should resolve them one by one. There are no shortcuts here unfortunately. :pensive:

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Thank you, I’ll keep trying! How do i unhide the components from the database?

Hello @bgaleano


Click con “show deleted types”. For the chat component look for the following data types: