AirDev Login-Popup (No Esc Missing)

I’m using the Popup login/signup specifically, I don’t want to use the page login/signup.

When on step 1 or 2 in the popup my users can click out of the popup (esc)

There is not a checkbox on the popup to disable esc like ALL other popups.

What can be done?

When my users click out of box on step 2 it’s bringing them to the index page and I can’t find it anywhere in the workflow, plus no checkbox for disable esc.

Super frustrating LOL.

Usually RE POP-UP NO ESC is located on the page the RE is called in - in this instance the popup-signup is a RE from and RE (Header) … so there is no panel for it. :? anyone know what to do?

Hello @box welcome to the forum!

Seems that the functionality that you would like to implement could be handled by what Canvas does already.

Perhaps this video can spark some ideas: