"App identifiers changed" popup continuously appears on admin page

In the version 3.0 of the base template, released December 28th, 2020, there is a bug where the “App Identifiers changed” popup appears in some apps even though the app identifiers have not changed.


This bug should be fixed by upgrading the Canvas Utilities plugin to at least version 1.3.0.

If upgrading the plugin does not resolve this bug, please comment here or send an email to support@airdev.co.

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Still seeing this on admin page (not any others). I’ve confirmed that canvas utilities plugin are at latest version.

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Hi @Green,

Thank you! We’ll take a look and follow up with you separately in an email.


Hello all,

After updating the canvas utilities plugin, many users are still seeing issues with their template (for apps created between December 27th and January 21st). In newer apps, this change is unnecessary.

For those older apps, here is a workaround to prevent the app ID check from running twice at the same time:

  1. from the admin page, set a yes/no state on the “admin_portal_canvas_logic” reusable to be “yes” on page load
  2. from the admin_portal_canvas_logic reusable, terminate the workflow if the yes/no state is yes
  3. (optional) at the end, set the yes/no state back to no at the end of the check for app IDs. Probably not necessary so this can be ignored

Beginning yesterday, we also saw a bug caused by a new “Free” plan offered by Bubble that will prevent this flow from working correctly, and if that plan replaces the “Personal” plan, we’ll offer further guidance at that time.



Hi Chris

Need a clarification : By the

yes/no state on the “admin_portal_canvas_logic” reusable to be “yes” on page load

do you mean the ‘Extension is present’ state?

Or should we be adding a new state on this reusable for Checking Location


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Hello @Green,

A new state should be set up on the reusable element:



Not sure if it’s exactly the same, but I have something similar with version 1.5.0 of the plugin. It happens just after the popup with “App Identifiers changed”.

When first displaying the admin page of a new app and completing the configuration steps, registering the app identifiers will not work. The error message is “Please double check the identifiers above to make sure they’re correct”.

(Observed on several apps, all created between February 13 and 14, 2021.)

Thank you very much in advance for your help.

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Hello @Pascal , thanks for reporting this issue.

What Bubble plan is your app running? Apps running on the new “Free” plan don’t expose the API workflows to Bubble apps. If you can change the app to the Personal plan (which allows for those API workflows to run) then this should no longer appear.

If there seems to be a different issue, feel free to respond with more context in this thread or to send an email to support@airdev.co where we can provide more specific support.

Hello all,

A user just reported a bug with this flow that has a different cause than any of the ones listed above.

The issue was fixed by changing this workflow’s data source from “:last item” to “:random item”. Strangely, the “:last item” value was always giving a value in that app which wasn’t ever saved in the database on the Website object. This is not happening in 2 other apps I just tested in which contain the same logic, so I can’t say for sure that it’s a bug with the Bubble logic.

Please report this issue here or in a DM if you are seeing the same thing.


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