App is very slow

Hello, I need help regarding the slowness of my app.

I am building an app with the Canvas framework and the app in preview is veeeery slow (like completely freezing my screen and taking more than a minute to load). I think it has something to do with the header but I cannot find the issue.

Do you have some clues I could explore or does anybody already experienced something like this ?

thanks in advance for your help !!

Hello @elbaamrani.hicham welcome to the forum

The Bubble editor is rather heavy and loads lots of resources onto a browser’s tab.


  • Closing all unnecessary browser tabs and other browsers that may be running
  • Emptying out all cookies and browser history
  • Closing all other applications on your PC
  • Consider adding RAM to your device
  • Open the editor on another PC and compare performance
  • Review your wifi signal / internet connection speed and optimize them if necessary

All of the above are non-Bubble possible tasks that come to mind. Any other action that you deem possible to enhance your device’s performance should be also considered.