Blank pages. Please help

I read some reviews about seeing blank pages after installing this template.

Unfortunately I’m facing the same thing after completing all the setup steps, installing the extension, creating new pages, trying to do everything I can but I always get blank pages with just the logged in area at the top right.

I’m trying to figure this out but I clearly can’t so I’m probably missing something.

Read the documentation again and again but I guess I’m really stupid because I literally can’t figure this out.

If someone can direct me to the right explanation why I can’t see any of the pages I’m creating and why is it so hard to figure this out, I’ll be grateful.

I’ve been using other templates with no issues and no problems at all.

Thank you

Make sure the url you are using is the test version : it should be something like https://your-domain/test-version/ etc

The url without the test-version shows as largely blank when the app hasn’t yet been deployed to live

If it’s some other issue then perhaps you’ll need to add more details etc

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Hi @e11, Can you please temporarily set your app to public (by going to Settings → General → Application Rights: Everyone Can Edit) and PM me a link to the editor? I can absolutely take a look and see what may be causing this. Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much guys,
So yes, I can see the test URL working for me.
That helps.
But I’m not sure, what do I do in order for the main URL will show the site?
I deployed the site a couple of times to try but it doesn’t automatically send visitors to the /test URL. Is this something I need to program or setup somehow?

Thanks again!

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Hi @e11,

Please note that Bubble uses separate databases for development (version-test) and live.

To ensure that the marketings pages and navigation links you create in development will show up in your live website, you need to copy your marketing pages and navigation links data objects from development to live.

More details on how to copy development data to live in our documentation here.

From development, go to the Data tab > App data > and click on the red “Copy and restore database”

Thank you!

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Thank you so much Stephanie :slight_smile:

It worked.
I do have a small proposal for you guys, to make this note much clearer and probably at the END of the ‘setup’ steps as a last step for developers to know.

This is very counterintuitive for new bubble users who are grabbing your template and might make them giveup before they even start.

This should also be clear in the documentation, and rather then putting it under “Data & Workflows” put it in it’s own dedicated area which clearly mentions GOING LIVE.

Just my 2 cents, hope this helps.

Thanks again guys!


Hi @e11,

This is great feedback. We’ll add that to our documentation. Thank you!

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