Bootcamp out of order?

today my bootcamp is out of order…in other word when I go to the left dashboard into bootcamp the page is empty and the following appears:

Someone can help me? thanks!

Hey @eliste, are you still having this problem? I viewed your account and was able to see your Bootcamp enrollment as expected! Let me know and we can dig deeper.

unfortunately It is still out of order! I refresh the page several time …but nothing happens!

What browser are you using? Have you tried logging out then back in?

I use Safari and Chrome. Below that I see:

Maybe I understood the problem: I wanted to continue my bootcamp with a different google account. Infact, Now I loged in with right account I can see the classes!

Great! If I’m understanding correctly, did you sign up with a different account and then get a screen showing no classes? Everyone should automatically get one so I want to make sure this won’t happen for people in the future too. Thanks!

For anyone in the future, let me know if you’re not seeing a course populate and I can either manually add it for you (or fix the bug if there is one)! Thanks all :slight_smile:

If I have to be honest with this account I don’t see any lessons. Fortunately with the other one, there are lessons!

I’ve tried with my PC and mobile phone but I always get the screenshot I attached above.

I’ll delete this account :slight_smile: