Bubble bug: Header in Base Template is left justified

Hi all,

As of today (8/11/22), we noticed a bug that is affecting the header in our v4 Base Template where the header becomes left justified. We’re actively working with Bubble to resolve this. We will let you know as we hear any updates!

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Just noticed this in my new app. Any updates on a solution? :slight_smile:

Not sure if it’s the same issue, but my admin portal header editor also isn’t formatted correctly…

Hello @david3 welcome to the forum!

They seem related. We are working with Bubble on this and will report back once we have a fix.

Hi @david3,

We just released v4.1.4 of the Base Template with a temporary fix for the header alignment issue.

You can read our release notes and our fixes for known bugs documentation.

Hello! I have a similar issue. My header is fine but my groups are being left aligned (inside the group main content - paste group) when I run the debugger that issue doesn`t seem to affect but when the page is loaded without it, it gets left aligned.

Hello @canodjan3

This particular walk-thru should alleviate the problem until a permanent fix is found. We are currently working closely with Bubble on this.

I have 4.1.4 but still see this:

How can I resolve?

Hello! @drfalken

This article walks you through the fix: :smiley:

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Hello Carlos!

I’ve had this issue since August 11, when my Page loads, all of the containers are being aligned to the left, while they should be centered. When I run the debugger step-by-step, The container is staying into place but the Header is not showing.
I’ve contacted Airdev support and report it as a bug, however, the solution that I have been receiving is the one stated above. I have tried it but it haven`t worked.
Could you be able to recommend me someone with a pair of fresh eyes that could take maybe an hour or two to look into my app and try to fix the problem?
Here is how the bug is developing: Page Alignment Bug

Thank you for your time and patience.

Hello @canodjan3

The Canvas team is actively working with Bubble on this. A permanent resolution has not been achieved yet unfortunately.

Hello, can you leave a message here when the problem is solved please ? Thanks :slight_smile:

Hello @Newbie !

Please contact support if the issue continues in your app after trying the fix recommended above.


Thanks, the question was because i want to take a new premium account for a new project and i want that to be fix before…

Hello @Newbie

We are able to solve the issue directly. Please contact us at support@airdev.co so that we can assist. :slight_smile: