Bubble.io pages + pop up issues

When I create page or copy a page - it doesn’t show up in my bubble.io pages in the admin portal. Is there any way to fix that?

Also - I am trying add a pop up function for when someone clicks on something in the header, but when I place elements in the reuseable element section - they arent being found in the workflow. Am I doing something wrong?

So far the system is great, but I am about a day in trying to really dig in.

Hello @user15 welcome to the forum! :smiley:

I think that you are referring to creating html marketing page through the Canvas page builder right? Those are non-Bubble pages and that is why they do not show up in the Bubble pages section.

For more information about Canvas marketing pages please watch the following video:

As for making a popup function from a click in the header, the information discussed on this thread should help:

Thank you for replying so quickly @cmarchan . Unfortunately, that does not resolve the problem. I have taken a page and completely built it based on a pre-existing theme that I had. Once I did that, it is not longer showing up on the backend as a bubble.io page and it is not showing up as marketing page either, but it shows up on my bubble service and database as a functioning page. This is an issue because I would need to drive users to this page as a link, but it won’t show up as a page for my header menu to work with.

List of Bubble pages on my Bubble App (circled the ones that don’t show up on my admin portal

The same response I have for the elements not showing up. I have reusable elements that I have created from scratch and the when I save them - they do not appear anywhere in my reusable elements

I tried to add more photo examples of all, but the forums only allow one photo for new users.

Its seems like some things that are not created through Airdev are not going to work/ show up in elements or appear in admin unless it is created through airdev templates ? But then again, the pages that I have circled earlier in the photo were created through the standard page template and they still wont show up on admin portal. Also - this doesn’t explain why my elements that I create arent showing up in the workflow as an option for “show element”

Thank you again for your reply !

Hello @user15

The Bubble pages seen on the admin portal are actually an options set called “Bubble Pages”.

When a new page is created Canvas has an integration with Bubble where this page is created also as an options set in the data base area called options sets.

If any Bubble page is not available there you can always add it. Be sure to name the options set letter by letter as the Bubble page is named.

An expanded explanation of how these options set work can be seen on this video:

As for the reusables not showing up I bet that it has to do with some visibility setting or conditional setting that may there but you have not realized is there. Do a test with a super simple reusable with one or two elements or groups and place it on a page. You will likely see it. This would serve as proof that reusables do show up on the page and on the reusables area when created and when properly formatted for visibility.

Hope this helps :smiley:

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Thank you very much @cmarchan ! I wasn’t dropping the reusable element into the same page as the header reusable element, so it couldn’t find it when I tried to trigger it.

Also - thank you for the help with the options set. You just saved a ton of time! It also helped me clean up the backend of the admin portal!

Much appreciated!

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