Bubble pages created in Dev not copied when Live

We have gone through the entire ‘COPY FROM DEVELOPMENT TO LIVE’ process as per this Data & Workflows - Canvas Manual. Yes I did migrate from dev to live with “Data Types to Copy” set to “All Types”

However all our internal Bubble pages which are working and visible in Dev (version-test) are not shown in the live app.
In live we see only

  • marketing pages :index, page/about AND
  • default pages created by Canvas & ones in header footer (Contact Us, Signup, Login, social-media links, terms, privacy policy, 404 page)

All our other app logic pages are 404ing

I even tried editing mktg pages and copying them specifically to live and it works. But none of our other internal Bubble pages show up

What are we missing?

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Resolved now.

Don’t really know if this is the solution, but incase someone is facing the same problem this is what we did that ended up resolving the issue for us:

We had a ton of warnings that had piled up while in Dev mode that we never bothered coz app worked fine all along with em. When we switched to Live we faced the above issues.

So we thought might as well clear the warnings and pay the technical debt right now.
Lastly we fixed the Maps and Geocode API keys. Earlier I had ignored them coz we are not using either of these features. Nevertheless in the spirit of cleaning the slate we created and plugged in those keys as well ( Working with Location Data - Bubble Docs)

<side Qn: do we really need these API keys even if we’re not using any geocoding logic or map blocks in our app?>

After completing the above two actions all pages now show up in Live version too.

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Hello Samaah,

For the Bubble Pages (not the about/index marketing pages), they are an option set, which are not associated with the Bubble database. The proper way to push option sets from development to live is by pushing the Bubble app live, along with all the updated app logic.

Thanks for posting!




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