Bubble public projects for bootcamp example apps

Bootcamp module:
W1: Bubble Basics, Creating app pages.
Content question:
It would actually help much especially when making sense out of a lot of nested controls to have bubble public project, so that students can open them and study for themselves.

Hello @ace welcome to the community!

Great idea! It will probably be done at some point.

Also, you can create an app using the Canvas free template and study it. Granted it is a template, to actually build an app, but it comes with lots of logic that can be studied.

If you are in the beginning stages of learning Bubble, you can circle back to this suggestion later on :grinning:.

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We’re always looking to improve the learning experience and this sounds like a good suggestion! While it likely would be some time to make available, please continue posting here with any specific questions you have along the way as well.

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