Bug fix - Canvas 3.4.0 - API accessibility check error

Hello Canvas users,

In version 3.4.0 (released about 24 hours ago), there was a bug introduced to the template logic that causes the API accessibility check on the Pages subtab of the admin portal not to execute.

For new apps (apps on version 3.4.1), this bug is now fixed.

For apps created in the last 24 hours, I’ll be sending an email momentarily to all affected users to alert that this needs fixed.

To fix the bug:

  1. Add this workflow in the admin_portal_canvas_logic reusable element
  2. Remove this workflow in the admin page

Sorry for any issues this may have caused. This one slipped past our internal QA process with the big styles update we released in 3.4.0, where we tested the extension and other template functionality a lot more intensively.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the above fix.



Thanks for letting us know about the fix, but how do I know if it’s working correctly? Is there something I should test?

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Thanks Chris, fix worked beautifully.
Hi David, in my case this was causing the launch checklist to continue to show the pop-up asking to enable the API for backend workflows, while it was already enabled.

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The bug that was reported and that I was testing is that the Pages subtab did not allow users to open the marketing page editor, nor create new pages.

If either of these buttons allows you to either create a new page (shows a “Create page” popup) or to access the marketing pages editor, this bug is not happening in your app.

Ensure that the Bubble app’s Workflow API is enabled and that the app is on a paid (or Agency) Bubble plan in order for this feature to work properly.

Thank you!

Thanks for the extra details, Chris and Elmo!

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Hi @chris,

Sorry to bump the topic.

I am experiencing this issue yet I have done the two steps (add the WF in the admin_portal_canvas_logic and remove the other WF in the admin page).

Hey @Theodore, sorry to hear you are having troubles. What version of Canvas are you using?

HI @eli,

I am using the v3.4.5!

Hello @Theodore !

Please email a support ticket with as much detail as possible (screenshots, screencast, etc) to:



Thanks, will do!

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I also have API accesibility error. Cant edit marketing page and cant add marketing page from admin. It mentions to enable API workflow. API workflow is enabled and I’m on Bubble personal plan.

Version of Canvas Admin 3.7.3

Hello @user34

Please send all details to support@airdev.co

Hello … I am having an issue with the canvas admin dashboard.
When I go to Pages, Marketing, and try to edit a page.

I see ‘API is not accessible’ as a tooltip, I am unable to edit the index page.

Any insights about this issue?

Hello @michaelvrutaal

This is a know bug. Please follow the steps featured in this link:

This appears to still be an issue in v4.1.5 even with the fix. Unless this is only for the paid version / premium license?

Hello @baahtweet welcome to the forum !

The Canvas marketing page builder requires a paid Bubble plan in order for the API functions to work.

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Thank you for the quick response! Hopefully in future releases there will be a message / warning stating the requirement.

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