Bug - Missing element colors changes in Admin Canvas

Hello we are not able to change colors from the admin canvas as it says “missing elements”.

We tried to update colors from the canvas extension but doesn’t update the admin.

We want to be able to change login/portal side from admin. Please find screenshots below.

Any ideas how to fix it ?


Hello @evodev welcome to the forum!

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties.

In order to reproduce the bug and fix it more information is needed.

Please submit a support ticket here. The form will guide you to provide more details about the issue so that it can be replicated, if that is the case, and fixed. It sounds though that some piece of data might have been deleted by mistake. Anyways, please send more information through this link:

Hi @evodev,

It seems like the default plugins are missing from your template. If your template is older than v3.4.6, please install AirColor picker plugin. If your template is v3.4.6 and above then please download the Canvas UI elements plugins (which includes the color picker). Thank you!

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Thanks @stephanie for your help ! I was missing the Canvas UI plugin