Button not working on mobile iOS

Hi everyone,

When I add an image block for index (home page) that has a button via the canvas page builder, the button does not work on iOS but works fine on desktop web browser. Please help. On mobile, it simply looks like a static image with no response.

i tried deleting the block and readding. Also tried different blocks. no luck



Hello @a.j.lemiere welcome to the forum!

I suggest to contact support@airdev.co with a quick screencast of the issue. I gather that when you say iOS I think you might be referring to using the Safari browser on mobile right?

Hello cmarchan

That is correct, using Safari on iOS. I ended up removing all blocks from the page and restarted from scratch. This appears to have fix the issue. Not sure if another block was the culprit to begin with.

Thanks for quickly getting back.


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Hello Again,

It looks like the issue is persisting this morning. I’ll send them a brief screen recording.