Cannot get the FAQ block to work

Hi, I try to use a Canvas block (the FAQ block), and the docs seem pretty straightforward (Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Repeating Group - Canvas Pages and Modules), but it’s of course more difficult than I thought…

I set up a database “FAQ” with some Q’s and some corresponding A’s, I include that in the Repeating Group as Data Type (“FAQ”) and as Data Source (“Search for FAQs”), but when I go down to the actual text element (which is nested three layers down from the actual Repeating Group) and try to make it dynamic it doesn’t seem to be as easy as “Update the data source of RepeatingGroup Dummy and update the text elements to reference current cell’s data.” (quote from the documentation).

When I try to have the text elements refer to the data source, it doesn’t offer me the usual “Current cell’s …”? where I can then pick the actual data element (here “Question”), but it only offers me “Current cell’s index”. Which works nice in way of printing 1, 2, 3, … onto the screen where my questions should be, but nothing more.

Can somebody point me toward what I do wrong?

PS: I assumed that a) nested groups inherit the data types and data sources from their parents (so I expected to just be able to pick “Current cell’s FAQs Questions” as a data source for the text element. I also tried b) to replicate the data type and source of the top RG all the way down to the group, in which my text element lies, but that didn’t help either…

PSS: Trying to assess the problem I tried to replicate it in a more simplistic fashion: setting up a repeating group with just a test element in it works fine (dynamic element is ‘Current cell’s FAQs Questions’), as soon as I move the text element into a group within the repeating group it automatically changes to “Parent group’s FAQ’s Question”, and remains blue, but when I then preview, it doesn’t show up… :confused: I’m sure this is a thought mistake on my part, but I cannot wrap my head around it… ??

Hello @jyn welcome to the forum!

Understanding how parent groups work may help: :smiley:

So, thank you for the link, and the video is great, but it did not solve my problem. Instead, it helped to check the privacy settings… :slight_smile:

Hello @jyn

Glad it led to another aspect of building with Bubble.

From the description of your issue I gather that it is either a problem with passing data down. This is why I suggested exploring the ins and outs of parenting in Bubble. Essentially this is about passing values between connected or nested elements.

Another possible issue might be the way that data is structured. But this would require a more intricate review of what is going on.

As you well put it this should not be an issue once you become more familiar with Bubble. This component does not use any special coding at all. It just uses Bubble functionality.

Perhaps joining our free online bootcamp it can accelerate your learning. Lots of great stuff there! :smiley: