Can't see header

HI all, new to Canvas Premium.
I just created this page and I can’t see the header.
Actually I cannot see the header in the entire app.
Am I doing something wrong?
Thanks in advance.

Hello @rapagna,

Sorry to hear that you’re running into this issue. We just released a new header this week so it’s possible this bug slipped us by.

On the page you shared, the header is hidden for some of the members of our team, but not for others.

Could you share the app editor with as a collaborator so we can examine the header in the Bubble editor?


Hi Chris
Thanks for getting back to me
It seems like my Bubble tier (free) does not allow me to share with collaborators.
Any other way you can help to solve this issue?

Sorry, I didn’t realize I could do it.
I already grant you access.

Hi @rapagna,

Thank you for flagging this! Please read our latest forum post here on how to fix this in your template.

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