Canvas Base Template v3.7.2 - Dynamic header logo link and loading screen element bug fix

Hi all,

We just released v3.7.2 of the Canvas Base Template to the Bubble template store. This is a smaller release and includes the following:

Dynamic logo links for headers
Admins can now set the logo destination url for each header from the header / footer tab

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 2.40.14 PM

Loading screen element bug fix (resolved in v3.7.2)
As of today, we noticed that the Canvas loading screen element is no longer showing the lottie animation due to a broken source url in the element’s default style. This would have impacted Canvas apps from v3.5.1 to v3.7.1 that are using Canvas UI elements plugin’s loading screen element.

Unfortunately, we’re unable to fix this for apps that are on older versions of the template. However, if you notice this bug in your app, you can follow our instructions to update the lottie animation source url.

Apologies for the inconvenience this may have caused many of you. Thank you again for your patience with us as we work to improve the Canvas framework.


Hi @stephanie,

Do you know when auto-updating from older versions will be finally possible?

Hello @Theodore !

It is highly unlikely that that would be possible.

Think of Canvas as a programmed-for-you Bubble app using Bubble functionality when you first create an app. Programmed in all the handy aspects that most any app would need (admin portal, page & user role redirection logic, ready-made UI components, etc)

So what the above aims to suggest is that programming is specific to each app that the template is installed onto when you first “crank” a Bubble app. No way to automatically add/edit/delete all the very intricate pieces of built-logic thereafter, as all Bubble programming is done manually.

Hope the above makes some sense. :sweat_smile:

Hi @cmarchan,

Thank you for your reply!

It does make sense indeed!

Hi again @cmarchan!

I forgot to ask, is there a way to update manually to the newer version?

Hello @Theodore

No there is none.

Once a template has been installed onto an app that is the one that is used for that app.

Ok so copying the read only editor won’t have any benefit?

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I am not sure I follow

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I meant copying the WFs and the UI from the newer version to the old one.

Hi @Theodore,

The read-only Canvas copies on the releases page are for version-control purposes. You could certainly try to copy the WFs and UIs from these versions to your app that is on an older version (this may be tricky and would require intermediate Bubble knowledge). With that said, it is probably still easier to start with the latest version of the Base Template by creating a new app.


Hi @stephanie,

Thank you!

Hi, Pls I need help with my videos while following the lessons in the bootcamp, I got a CAPTCHA. However, after responding to the CAPTCHA, the videos weren’t showing anymore

Hello @user11 welcome to the forum!

Could you please elaborate a bit more so that suggestions that folks here may share, including myself of course, can help to solve your problem?