๐Ÿš€ Canvas Base Template v3.7 - Two factor authentication, portal pages color palette generator, and more!

Hi all,

We just released v3.7 of the Canvas Base Template to the Bubble template store. Here are the latest features:

[FEATURE] Color palette generator for portal pages (documentation)

In v3.7, we built a color palette generator that would allow admins to easily configure the styles for all portal pages in the app (Branding > Portal page style). Admins can also toggle between dark or light mode for the 3 different portal pages: Standard portal, Icon portal, and Double sidebar portal.

[PLUGIN] New Canvas UI elements

Weโ€™ve added two free Canvas components to the Canvas UI elements plugin โ€” Canvas toggles and Canvas phone input. Get these elements by upgrading your Canvas UI elements plugin to the latest version!

UI changes in the admin portal to manage the sign up process

Admins can now easily manage the appโ€™s sign up process from a single popup (Settings > Sign up process).

[WORKFLOWS] Changes to email verification flow

In v3.7, we are no longer using the email verification request data type and verify page to confirm a userโ€™s email during sign up. Instead, weโ€™ll be using a new data type called Verify, the API connector (Verify call), and backend workflows. To use this feature, the app would need to be on a paid Bubble plan since API workflows are used. In this new sign up flow, a 6-digit code (which expires in 15 mins) will be sent to the userโ€™s email. They will be prompted to enter the code to complete the sign up process (this would all happen in the login page and the user would not be redirected to a separate page). Read more here on how to set this up.

[WORKFLOWS] Changes to password reset flow

The password reset functionality now resets the userโ€™s password and then sends them through the full login flow before allowing the user to access the application.

[FEATURE] Revised sign up/ log in flow to include two factor authentication option (documentation)

Two factor authentication is now built into the template. Admins can require it for all the users in the application or make it optional for each user to activate. Two factor authentication requires a paid account with both Twilio and Bubble.

[DESIGN] Minor UI updates to the password policy popup in the admin portal

Changed the password selection UI from checkboxes to Canvas toggles.

[DESIGN / FEATURE] Updated account UI

Updated the login tab to include security settings. This allows users to securely manage their email, password, and 2fa settings from a single location.

3.7.1 patch

Resolved an issue where portal sidebar styles arenโ€™t visible to logged out users due to default privacy rules settings on the App settings data type. If your Base Template is on v3.7.0, please be sure to update the privacy rules settings to match the rules here.

To learn more, please read our full v3.7 documentation here.