Canvas Base Template v3.8.0 - Password strength checker and header updates

Hi all,

We just released v3.8.0 of the Canvas Base Template to the Bubble template store. For more information, please read our full documentation here.

Password strength checker

We have removed the ability for admins to set specific password requirements (e.g., minimum password length, minimum number of special characters, numbers, and uppercase letters). The password policy check UI has also been replaced by a password strength checker UI.


very strong

The password strength checker will evaluate how strong a password is based on how easy it is for other people to guess it. Admins will be able to select the minimum acceptable password strength (very weak, weak, medium, strong, and very strong) that a user’s password must meet. From an end user’s perspective, the user can use any characters in his password as long as it meets the minimum acceptable strength requirement.


Header updates

These settings can be managed from the admin page > header / footer tab.

Option to show user’s first name next to header profile picture

Ability to add url parameters to header links that navigate to an internal marketing or Bubble page

Ability to select any icon to open the built-in search, messages, notifications, or cart widget

Minor bug fixes

Fixed various known bugs from v3.7 in v3.8. If you are on an older version of the template, you can follow the instructions below to fix the bugs in your app:

Flashing content in upper right corner during page load (hobby plans)

Header does not change from logged in to logged out state

Happy building!

Canvas team


Hi @stephanie,

Thank you these bug fixes which work but after implementing the solution, when I click on log out, it takes almost 2 secondes to actually log out. Is there a way to make it faster?

I’m sure you probably have this documented somewhere, but how do I update an older app to take advantage of these template changes?

Hello @SJL

Template improvements are just that … improvements to the template.

And a template is installed when creating a new Bubble app.

So in short, there is no way to retrofit template changes to older apps unless they are programmed manually.

Thanks @cmarchan

I notice some updates have instructions on how to incorporate them into old templates (such as the addition of Postmark for emails), and of course any patches.

I guess some would be easy enough to figure out, but it would be amazing if there were pointers/helpers with all these updates to wrestle them into older templates, or even a service you could pay for.

Hello @SJL

Absolutely agree! I will make sure to pass this suggestion on. :smiley:

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@SJL For any more intricate guidance on Canvas, and application building in general, folks can always reach out to a Canvas Expert (paid) :smiley:

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Hi @SJL,

Thank you for the feedback! It’s a bit tricky to address this since in newer templates, we sometimes change or replace an entire flow. There are also a lot of behind-the-scenes updates which would be difficult to provide documentation for – especially since people with different base template versions would have different upgrade steps.

To summarize:

  1. It’s probably the safest to create a new app from the Base Template if you want to get the latest Base Template features. This will ensure you don’t break anything in the template.
  2. DIY: We have read-only versions of each Base Template app starting from v3.5.1 on the releases page. If you’re really curious, you could try to update your old template to match the newer template. This would require intermediate to advanced Bubble skills.
  3. Hire a Canvas expert

Hope that helps! We’ll definitely keep your suggestion in mind and think of ways to make the transition easier.