Canvas blocks not importing with Stylesheet applied

I have the Canvas extension which allows me to import blocks and use them (I have the premium version also)
When I import the blocks they do not look the same as what the sample block looks like. Its as if they are importing without their style applied.
Would anyone know how to fix? Am I missing a style sheet maybe? they used to import correctly and after the addition of the new blocks they no longer do.

Thanks in advance

Hello Sam,

Could you send me a DM with a link to your Bubble editor and share it with as a collaborator?

Alternatively, if you send a screen recording video of your Bubble editor’s styles tab then I can try to debug the issue.

It’s possible that your app is missing the latest set of styles. Usually we prompt you to update your styles in that case, but it’s possible that our extension didn’t properly detect that your app doesn’t have the latest styles.


Hi Chris,
Thanks for the help with this. I have a link to a slow-scrolling video of my styles tab in bubble.
Is this okay for you to debug?

Hi Chris,
Just following up on this again, is this something you’d be able to help with by any chance?

Hi @sam,

I just sent you a DM. Thank you again and apologies for the delay.

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