Canvas Chrome Extension Standard Page Issue

Hello, I am unable to load a standard page using the canvas extension. I can load any other page type I’ve tried and I can load blocks as well, just not the standard page. (Very inconvenient. haha)

I’ve removed all other chrome extensions - nogo
I’ve restarted the PC - NOGO
I’ve completely removed Chrome and re-added it - NOGO
I’ve allowed ALL 3rd party cookies - NOGO
I’ve tried it on another device - NOGO. (yesterday it worked on my laptop, but not my desktop, now it doesen’t work on both.)

I’m out of ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,


Hello @tmowreader welcome to the forum!

I suggest to record a screencast detailing the issue, so that it can be reproduced, and contact support at:

Thank you for the responce cmarchan, I just created the screen capture and sent it to them.