Canvas Database Renaming


Hope you are all well!

I have a pretty simple question, bring on new dev to help me out, and just organising things a bit more.
Canvas Template comes with quite a lot of database types/fields/things.
I wanted to organise that content so we don’t accidentally adjust it by changing the naming of it.
Example put z_canvas in front of it, whether it be like data type website to z_canvas_website.

No from my knowledge it shouldn’t cause an issue for However with all extra material with canvas marketing page builder, if i change the names would that cause issues?

Hopefully, my question makes sense :slight_smile: (same with option sets)

Cheers, haydn

Hello @haydnhinks !

Renaming data types or option sets should not cause problems with default Canvas functionality.

It is actually very helpful to do just that when building logic! It can help you separate the default Canvas dB objects from all of the new objects that you will be adding to program your application. :grinning:


Awesome to hear, yeah i just wasn’t sure if it would cause issues, as canvas does a lot like aside from just bubble with their marketing pages and such

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