Canvas Email Outlook Format Issues

Is it just me, or is the Canvas Email Template broken in Outlook.

Those of you familiar with how the template looks in Gmail (and probably other programs) can see how unprofessional it looks in Outlook (and potentially other programs)

Is there a fix for this?

Hello @SJL

Emails are displayed in different ways by email platforms.

There is nothing that can be done unfortunately.

Hi @cmarchan ,

You are correct that emails render differently in different platforms; however, the main reason for emails looking ugly in outlook is because the conditional formatting statements for Outlook (ie. <!--[if !mso]> ... <![endif]-->) have not been written correctly/completely in the template.

The conditional formatting for buttons has been done well, but the rest of the Canvas email templates have not.

This can be fixed, but would need to be done in the plugin/template (depending where the template it coded)

Hello @SJL

This is an interesting suggestion! I will make sure to pass it along to the team.