Canvas Figma File - Can't find component "filter popup"


We use figma file to design our app, it’s awesome !

But I just can’t find the filter popup.
I search in atomic component and blocs but I am not able to find it.

Can you please help me ?

Hi @evodev :slight_smile: We don’t currently have the filters popup in the Figma file but we will definitely add this soon! (The main reason is because the filter group focus inputs are all 30px in height instead of the usual 40px and we don’t yet have the 30px input size for all types of inputs in the Figma library)

For now, to create a similar UI, it might be easiest to create a group with these settings:

  1. Add a new frame and turn on autolayout
  2. Set it to have a fixed width of 250 pixels, and a hug to contents height
  3. Set it to have 20px of padding on all sides
  4. Drag and drop different inputs into the group
  5. Adjust the inputs so that they are 30px in height
  6. Add a another frame at the bottom that has two small buttons: a clear button and an “apply” button, with the autolayout setting “space-between” set on the group

I hope this is helpful but I will definitely send an update in this thread when the filters group is added to the library file. Thank you so much!


Hi @faye,

Great !
Thanks a lot for this solution :slightly_smiling_face:

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