Canvas issue - Moving / Resizing

I am going through the canvas bootcamp, however I am unable to resize and move items as I have been doing when I was not using canvas.
Can someone explain what is happening ?


Canvas is just a Bubble template. It does not change how Bubble assets work.

Still I am unable to move or resize as I used to do without the template.

Hello @michaelvrutaal

May this be attributed to you using the new Bubble responsive engine and you are used to using the old one?

Perhaps, but it is no more possible to make adjustments on items ? as in height, width and positioning ?

I was able to resize and reposition before. … I am not able to do so anymore.

This is a quick video on how the new responsive engine works:

And these are two excellent resources to learn how to master the new responsive engine:

Thanks a lot for the info.

This was very eye-opening. I will check out the second one …

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