Canvas Localization

I need to build an app only in French. Is it somehow possible to add Canvas blocks into the app pre-translated into French?

Is this right that I would need to manually translate all texts from English to French?

I was wondering if there is a Canvas license in the French language…

Hello @wemakemvp

Bubble has language customization functionality:

The above is the recommended way to go since you control word for word how the text is translated in your application.

Another alternative is to implement an integration with a paid service called localizeJS. Canvas has functionality to facilitate this implementation. Below a link to the documentation:

I would like Canvas components to be created with “App Text” data sources everywhere. So that I don’t need to manually change it everywhere… Is it possible to achieve that?

Hello @wemakemvp

This has not been implemented in Canvas.

AppText can be implemented however in any Bubble application. Including those with a Bubble template like Canvas. It would have to be done manually by the Bubbler everywhere in the application as you correctly comment.