Canvas Marketing Pages Run Javascript issue


My use case is that on specific button clicks from a marketing page, I need to log certain analytics events.

I used Can a Canvas Page Button trigger a Bubble Popup? - #6 by eduard as a starting point and have got the following steps implemented

  1. A Javascript to bubble element (toolbox plugin) that takes a text as the value. This has the suffix as ‘action’

  2. The corresponding workflow logs the analytics event and then calls a navigate to external page action

  3. in the canvas builder for the corresponding page, I put bubble_fn_action('internship') where internship is the cta i log for analytics and also use this argument to decide the navigation target in step 1

however when I click the page simply reloads. upon inspecting the corresponding cta button using dev tools, the element has been assigned an href=<page url> which shouldn’t happen?

Help? What additional inputs should I provide to help debug this

Huh. Apparently the link not being a function call only happens on development versions (with version-test/ in the url) The live version works ok

Is this intentional? Wouldn’t this impact ability to test the javascript workflow in dev versions?

Hello, could you please send a DM with a link to the page and share the app with

This isn’t the behavior that I’d expect to see.

The first thing I’d check is whether the marketing page in the app DB is the same in version-test and version-live. It’s possible for the page in the live DB to be updated but for it not to be updated in the test DB.