Canvas Phone Input could be empty

Hi, folks.

I’ve used the Canvas Phone Input in an input form, but it seems the input to be obligatory due there is no option for “should not be empty” like in other field types.

Do you know any workaround for this condition? Should I report it as a bug?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @arturo.genova welcome to the forum

You can add a condition on the button that uses the value from the input.

If input’s value is empty this button is not clickable
If input’s value is not empty this button is clickable

Hello, @cmarchan.

Sorry, but I think I’ve not explained myself well: I need the input field could be empty, without any value. As this field is now this is not possible: if the field is empty the input is not valid and you cannot process the form.

Hello @arturo.genova

I tried running a flow with an empty Canvas Phone Input and the flow ran with no problems.

Could the reason that your flow does not run be something else?

The field is in a popup called by a single page, nothing strange.

Could you left the input clear for this field? Other fields have the option “This input should not be empty” as in this image:

But in Canvas Phone Input you haven’t this option and so the input is obligatory.

Got it.

As I understand this, you are dealing with a combination of inputs where not all can be set to “this input should not be empty”.

Given the above, I suggest that you make all inputs the same. In this case …to uncheck the above setting to all of those that allow you to set it. This way all of the inputs in your form will be the same. In other words … will not require the input to be not empty.

Now … in order for the button that uses all of the form inputs not to be clickable … you can set a long condition where that button can be clickable if each of the inputs is not empty or valid.


Input A
Input B
CanvasPhoneInput C
Dropdown D

The condition for the button should be:


Hope the above makes sense :smiley:

My apologies, Carlos. You were right and I was wrong :frowning_face:

The condition was in another field and I didn’t notice. The Canvas Phone Input can be blank.

Thanks a lot for your support :smile:

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