Canvas Phone Input Error


When I use the phone input I get the following error:

The dropdown appears to be under another input present in the form.

Do you know a solution for this?

Hello @eduard !

I have not seen that type of input in Canvas. It looks awesome!

Notwithstanding, it seems that there is a privacy rules restriction that may be the reason for the message that you are showing on the screenshot.

Check your privacy rules for that data type in the database.

This video may also help:

Hello @cmarchan !

It is a Canvas UI element, thus I do not have access to the privacy rules.

Greenshot 2021-10-04 18.10.06

Hi @eduard

Please note that privacy rules are a Bubble functionality.

The element with the nice flags I am not sure it is a Canvas element. It may be some third party plugin. You may have to check with the author’s plugin if Bubble privacy rules are not the issue.

It is a Canvas plugin develope by AirDev.


I see. Thanks for the clarification. :grinning:

Taking a second look at the screenshot I am not sure if the issue you are facing is the error message or UI malfunction. Can you perhaps share a quick screencast (using Loom or Vidyard free versions) of the issue and reconfirm it’s nature?

@eduard You should be able to solve the issue by right clicking on the input element and clicking ‘Bring to front’.

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