Canvas release: 3.5.1

Hello Canvas Community,

Yesterday we released some updates to the Canvas base template. There are a lot of things behind the scenes that we won’t highlight here, but there are 3 things in particular that we wanted to flag.

Added Postmark as an email provider

We’ve just released an update which allows seamless integration of Postmark into Canvas apps. Postmark is known for prioritizing deliverability and cutting down on spam sent from their service so that your emails are more likely to get into your users’ inboxes instead of landing in their spam boxes.

Enable Postmark on new Canvas apps via the flow seen in our docs here.

To enable this on older versions of canvas, please go to your Bubble editor and upgrade the plugin version for ‘Email for Canvas’ (the plugin used to be called SendGrid for Canvas, but we changed the name with this release).

There is backward compatibility with old Canvas apps which allows your existing SendGrid flow to keep working the same way it was working on the previous plugin version when you upgrade the SendGrid plugin. In older Canvas apps, setting up Postmark takes some extra effort, but is much easier than adding a new plugin to your app.

Note that Postmark is primarily used as a transactional email service, and that our Postmark integration requires some modifications to support marketing emails. Postmark also has more stringent requirements for email quality than SendGrid, primarily measured by the portion of spam reports received relative to the total number of messages sent.

Converted various things to reusable elements

In the admin page, we’ve converted some (more) things to reusable elements to make it easier to edit the functionality in just one place and to follow the build pattern we’ve used in the rest of the admin page.

The data type 1 tab content is now a reusable element called admin_datatype1, and it currently contains Dummy data. To use this with a new data object, you would clone this reusable and Group Nav 8 - Data type 1 content in the admin portal. You would replace admin_datatype1 in the new group with the new reusable.

User filters in the admin portal is also now a reusable element called filters_users.

Added new UI to settings tab in the admin portal for admins (e.g. sample single field and sample picklist)

For this, we’ve created a new reusable element called admin_options_settings .

You can now include app-wide settings here that can be easily managed from the front-end (e.g. listing fee or tags).

To set this up, go to this reusable element and edit one of these groups. The corresponding popups also need to be edited. The single field popup is updating a dummy field in the website object called dummy option and the sample picklist popup is displaying a list of dummy data.

The add and delete features in the sample picklist popup are disabled by default - you must go into the Bubble editor and enable the add/delete features in order for them to work.

To add additional options to this area, the groups and popups which are used here should be cloned.

If you’d like to hide these options entirely, you should go to the reusable, select Group Collapsible admin-defined options group and uncheck This element is visible on the conditional tab.

We will update the canvas manual to include documentation for these features in the next week.

Feel free to let us know if you have any questions. Thank you!


Hi Canvas users,

As promised, here is our latest documentation on v3.5.1 of the Base Template. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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