[Canvas Rental Marketplace Template] Adding new categories/services to same listing

I’m doing some interviews with our service providers and so far one thing keeps coming up as a theme (not a deal-breaker but could be a great time saver and user experience for customers booking listings).

What are the possibilities of letting service providers use the same listing functionality but have an added ability to list all their services in the same ‘listing’ profile and then the customer just has to select which one they want from that particular service provider and select date/time and book?

Similar to this but not much would change on the visual listing besides services now added

So for us, hypothetically, it’d look like this

I know the template isn’t originally built for this use case, and I assume it’ll affect the Stripe booking workflow and the data the listing page is pulling and showing up for the customer. First question, in your opinion, how much more will this affect?

Second question, do you have freelancer (referrals) that understand Canvas that could help us implement something like this when we’re ready?

p.s. we’ve had some folks help with changes in the past on the general Bubble forum and it’s hit and miss.


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Hi @lizzyazuya,

Thank you for your message! Unfortunately, we’re unable to provide a good estimate here on the forum as this requires someone to review your app and look at 1) what custom designs are needed and how long it will take, 2) how the database is set up, and 3) how things are connected to stripe in your app.

We’ve recently launched a new offering where we will pair you up with one of our Canvas experts for coaching sessions. You can read more about this on our Canvas support page, under “Get a Canvas coach”.

Thanks Steph, just checked out the Canvas support page. It says the program isn’t intended for “having someone build your entire application” to clarify, these sessions would just be guides then

Hi @lizzyazuya,

That is correct, the program is intended to help intermediate Canvas users with questions on how to extend their Canvas apps. Specifically, they will walk you through how to use canvas blocks & pages, structure your database, and set up your workflows/new API integrations. This is more for users who are interested in building their apps themselves.

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Hi @stephanie, @faye I’ve been doing some digging and think there could be a solution with some of the (premium) blocks from Canvas. I’ll try to be as clear as possible so it makes sense on paper here.

So currently user/service provider profiles are hidden and more like “Account settings” than actual profiles. Since the idea above will impact a lot of things. I was looking at the centered profile block specifically.

Before I continue to a Canvas coach I want to make sure this logically makes sense from your perspective, before trying to build it in this summer with some help.

Is it possible to use the profile block to allow service providers to group their listings in one place? (i.e. right now on Canvas, one person can create multiple listings but there’s no tie in back to them, each listing is too independent even from the same creator so they have to send different links if they provide different variations of the same service), meanwhile, for example, a host on Airbnb can create multiple listings and if you click one listing or their profile circle, it shows you their other related listings even though they all exist “independently”.

I’m trying to do something similar to that either by using the profile block to auto/dynamically populate the listings per service provider (where it says choice 1, choice 2 etc). This profile will act as their sharable “hub” while the existing profile will be more account settings management. This way, we won’t need to change the structure of the template but rather focus clever workflows on the profile block.

Thoughts on how to go about this

Thank you as always!

Hi @lizzyazuya,

From a high level, yes it is possible to do so. It would likely require you to restructure your database and to make tweaks to your existing listing page.

Thanks @stephanie

Can you elaborate a bit on the restructure a bit more

Hi @lizzyazuya,

It may be that you could achieve this without changing your database but it’s difficult to provide more insight to this from my end. This would be something that you would discuss with a Canvas coach, if you decide to go that route. You could have a profile block as the main user profile page. Below, you can use the tiles repeating group to show related listings created by the user. If you want to achieve something similar to your initial post, I think you might need to make some tweaks to your database.

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