[Canvas Rental Marketplace Template] Is it possible to add a link in the homepage module?

Does anyone know if it’s possible to add an active link as part of a text sentence on the “Process (3 steps)” homepage module

Here’s my site (I’ve put the link in brackets on the last icon as a test but it’s static and non-clickable)

Versus Doordash

Is this a theme limitation or is there a workaround?



Hi @lizzyazuya,

It seems like you have an older version of the Canvas Base Template. You can add links to the homepage builder by using bbcode.

For example, to add links to your homepage blocks, you would do the following:
Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 11.36.10 AM

Here is a website that includes all bbcode tags references that you can use.

Thanks Stephanie! I actually tried this BBCode but it still looks weird

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Also, how can I update the Canvas Base template

Hi @lizzyazuya,

I just checked in your app, and it seems like the BBCode is not working because of this setting in the homepage blocks reusables:

It seems like BBCodes will not work if the “Recognize links and emails” box is checked. I have unchecked that setting for the section in your app. Could you test in version-test? If it works, please feel free to push your app to the live version. Thank you!


Thanks! Working now :smile:

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Adding for those on the newer starter template version :

<a href='https://www.bbcode.org'>This be bbcode.org!</a>

in the middle of text works :ok_hand:

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Hi Stephanie, :slightly_smiling_face:
When I use marketing pages, I want setup my text. But I have no results. Should I use this method (Bbcode). In my exemple below, I’d like to get a line of space. But in preview page, there’s no line of space. Thanks

Hi @Laurent_L,

The page builder uses html. To add text customization, you would use html formatting instead of bbcode. To add a line break you would insert <br> into the text.

This is the first line.<br><br>This is the second line.

will look like this:

This is the first line.

This is the second line.

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Nice. Thanks Stephanie.

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