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hi, I upgraded the license to premium on my app but realized that it’s one with the old version of canvas template can I change the version of the template or apply this license to another app?

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Hello @user32 welcome back to the forum

If your purchase is less than 90 days you can make a one-time transfer of the license from your current app to a new app.

Create a new app and add the free Canvas template to it. If you do it now you will be using the latest version which is now compatible with the new responsive engine.

Look for the option to transfer your license on your Canvas dashboard where licenses are listed. If your paid license falls into the 90 day window you will see an option to start this one-time transfer process.

hi, @cmarchan thank u, can I do refund to buy this licence for another app bcs my application was on free plan more than 90 days?

Hello @2000zvyagin2000

I am not sure that I understand. Anyways, perhaps it is best that you contact support and provide all necessary details on your request. :smiley:

@cmarchan i just would like to do refund of license and buy it again for new app (i bought it 1 day ago by not for what app i need)

When you say it’s “compatible”, does that mean that progress toward a Responsive Engine version of Canvas is coming? If not, Is there at least a document that describes what “compatible” means?

Hello @paulwolf72

To be clear. All Canvas versions after may 6th work with the new Bubble responsive engine.

Work how? When I add an element to a responsive page, it doesnt come on as responsive


In order to provide better suggestions perhaps you could share a few screenshots of what the problem is?

regarding the new releases of the canvas, could resize any element/groups or that is not applicable?
as the previous releases could make it.

Hello @mohamedhamdeen

I am not sure I understand your question. Could you please provide an example?

In the 5-columns standard table could I change the width/height of text elements like previous versions of canvas?

Could I adjust height of repeating group cell

Hello @mohamedhamdeen

You can make any changes in Bubble that you would like. Experiment and see how things turn out. :smiley:

Tips for experimenting:

  • create test pages and play around with changes there
  • create save points so that you can always go back when needed