"Change page for marketing pages" to be more SEO friendly - Header Links Broken

I have updated the “Change page for marketing pages” in the Admin portal so I can use a more SEO-friendly word than “/page/my-page”.

I have renamed the “Page” page in the bubble app. The new links are working correctly, so marketing pages will now work with the link “seo-friendly/my-page”. However, the links in the header/footer are still pointing to “/page/my-page”.

The only way I can see to fix this is to go to the Database :gear: Navigation item and update the HTML Click Action data for multiple things in the database. This felt extremely hacky/wrong and likely to lead to me missing a “page” reference somewhere! Is making this change documented anywhere, as I cannot find it…?

[Canvas Version 3.8.2]

Hello @tim1 welcome to the forum!

Consider resaving those links in the header/footer for the new slug to be implemented :smiley:

Thank you @cmarchan

I have tried to resave a Marketing Page after making changes to the content. I have also tried to create a new Header link to the newly saved page in the admin portal. The pages are working with the new link being typed in directly to the address bar, so I would guess the slugs are ok.

It is the way the links are generated in headers and footers. It looks like the “page” part of the URI is hard-coded into the :gear: Navigation item > Open Marketing Page (x multiple things) > HTML Click Action =>


I guess this would need to be something like :thinking:


I have done further testing now, and even once the Marketing Page Slug has been updated, newly created Marketing pages with new links will still use “href=“{{WEBSITE_URL}}page/new-page”. So the code that is generating the HTML Click Action is not using the Marketing Page Slug.

To make the Header work, I have had to update the HTML, HTML Click Action and HTML Mobile Menu fields to use the new Marketing Page Slug on every Marketing Page :gear: Navigation item. I do not know how these fields are generated so that I can get them to rewrite automatically to remove the reference to page? I haven’t found how these items are generated in the WorkFlows yet… :thinking:

I have found the reference to “page” in the WorkFlows on :gear:system_admin_navigationitem_menu reusable

I don’t believe that this should be hard coded to enable the Admin Portal Marketing Page Slug to be updated by the user…

This could instead refer to :gear:App Settings > Marketing page slug to create a one-time link. It is not great if the marketing page slug is changed (all existing Headers/Footers would not be updated) but all newly created Navigation Items would be set to the new slug.

Alternatively, my earlier suggestion of setting a new variable {{MARKETING_PAGE_SLUG}} and using this instead as shown below would be a system that can change as the Marketing Page Slug is changed:


The footer reusable needs to be updated differently. in HTML Footer the “page” is hard coded in two separate locations buried quite deep down the “:formatted as text”. You must also change this in the HTML Footer Conditional (I only found one occurrence here, but may have missed one!)

Change the “page” for Do a search for :gear:App settings:first > Marketing Page Slug. Ensure you leave the forward slash separator break your new “seo-friendly-slug/” from the page slug “about”.

Hi @tim1 !

Very interesting. Thanks for the thorough share of your suggestion! :smiley:

The page “page” in Canvas is a foundational piece to interact with the html marketing pages builder.

I have shared this post with some folks internally which will probably add to this discussion.

Thank you @cmarchan :+1: Any more feedback would be appreciated to ensure that I have not created any unanticipated effects

Hi @tim1 !

I’m sorry you foung this bug, thanks for flagging!

That marketing page slug shouldn’t be harcoded. Replacing all ocurrences with a Search for the slug, as you did, is the way to fix it. I can anticipate any bad effects.

Since Canvas v.4.1.0, when we changed from the html header to a header built with the new responsive engine, all its logic was refactored and the marketing pages slug is dynamic.


Thank you @jmalmeida

I think I will have to start my project over again to benefit from the massive changes in version 4 upwards! Can Canvas licences be transferred when a new project replaces an old one?

Hello @tim1

Paid Canvas licenses can be transferred one-time-only and within 90 days of purchase.

For any further inquiries you can always contact support@airdev.co :smiley: