Change the text of the button in template email


I need to modify the text of the button “Reset password” in the Reset password sendgrid email template.
How can I achieve that ?

Thanks for your help !

Hello @evodev

Just change the name of the button just like any other button element. This is done in the Bubble editor on the reset_pw page.

Hello @cmarchan,

Thanks for your reply but I talk about the button in the email template, not the one on the “reset_pw” page.
Or can I modify the button of the email template in the reset_pw page ? If yes on which element ?

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Hello @evodev !

This can be done in the reusable element called “email workflows” or in “backend workflows”

I strongly recommend you watch this excellent tutorial to learn how to manage email templates in Canvas

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Awesome thanks a lot for your help @cmarchan !

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