Chat module doesn't work

Hello again!

I cant get the chat module to load properly and it doesnt work. I can’t follow the manual because
“var - user viewing chat’s” in hidden variables doesn’t show. Help please :slight_smile:

Hello @Douglas !

Try creating a new test page via the Chrome extension and thereafter load the chat module again.

Once in and if successful … compare the logic to the one you have and update it. If it is easier … erase the old one and add the new one onto the functional page.

Sadly that didn’t work either :frowning: Is there any explanation video?

Hi @Douglas !

Unfortunately there is no further material than what was shared in other posts.

Just in case let me share it again here:

A few further comments:

  • Make sure that you create and pass a thread to the module
  • Make sure to recreate the var - user viewing chat if it does not exist. I just checked the component and it loads with that variable group in the hidden popup as it should

In case you are interested you can always reach out for expert advice (paid) here:

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Hi! Thanks I solved it :smiley:

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