Configuring multiple languages

I am trying to find the most efficient way having my app translated to English/French/German (new app).

I have found this doc page

And tried to enable this in my Canvas app.

Nothing changed. I got new “Preferences” tab on “account” page, where I can change the language.

However, nothing happens after the language is changed, the app remains to be in English.

Video-explanation: Configuring-multiple-languages issue - YouTube

Hello @vovahumnytskiy welcome to the forum!

An integration with LocalizeJS is needed.

These instructions provide initial guidance on setting this up:

How is it possible to actually localize app for new markets, not just translate the app?
I don’t like the translation, because it will translate what shouldn’t be translated (database information that is in a certain language, system option sets, email templates). As I remember in localizeJS it’s possible to manually approve translations, but that’s horrible solution for me, because I am building a marketplace that will quickly gain a lot of users, I need automated solution. I don’t want to manually go to localizeJS everytime new user signs up or logs into the platform and updates the data there.

Hello @vovahumnytskiy

Perhaps this Bubble forum thread might contain useful information