Contact form on Rental Marketplace not feeding to admin email

Hi there,

Just added a contact form to my rental marketplace template and for some reason the module isn’t editable in owners portal so I can actually set where the email receives to.

Right now our test emails don’t send to our admin email (which is already set in the identity tab)

How can I fix this?

Thank you!

Hello @lizzyazuya

  1. Check what Bubble page you added this form into and build the logic there.
  2. As for emails … where you program emails to be sent is where they are sent to. The Canvas admin email belongs to the default role of app admin. Just another user in your app but with an admin role. :grinning:

Hi :wave:t5:, I thought front end changes done front-end in Canvas took effect immediately and don’t require any logic setup.

It’s not any Bubble page I added it to directly, it’s one of the modules added through owners portal (to the homepage block) when I log in as an owner. The rest of the modules are editable without going into Bubble except this one (per the second screenshot)

Hi @lizzyazuya

It is not how things work. Bubble is a programming language and although Canvas adds a lot of logic to help you out … not everything is automatic :sweat_smile:

Got it, I removed the module cos I couldn’t quite figure it out.

Essentially my understanding is that the module is supposed to show up as an element under the index page in the design tab. However, I’m not able to locate it either via search or even through the elements tree homepageblocks

Hello @lizzyazuya

I would think that the form is an html form or an embed element. Either case not editable via Bubble.

Hello @lizzyazuya !

Checking with a colleague, the form belongs to a prior version of the page builder.

As long as it is added in the builder’s live version, it should automatically show up on the home page.

It is showing up (that’s not the issue). The issue is when I snd a test message from the form on the live site, it (the email) goes nowhere. Even though on Canvas front end admin email is set

Hello @lizzyazuya !

The form does not likely use the admin email per say.

Consider reviewing the logic in the backend and try to find the flows that make that email be sent and place a preferred email address there.