Date dropdown unique options

Hello, anyone can help me show this dropdown with unique items ?

The items are created on the same day, not same time, however I would like to filter on the day, and shop the options by DAY, group all the items on a day together.

Dates are numbers for computers. When you save them as a date they will behave as numbers.

Try saving them as texts and use the operator :unique

Any idea how I can create this sorting? How can I invoke a sort by, based on the selected option in the dropdown filter. ( right now it is just static text ).

  • Sort the list of products by:
    • Created date (newest to oldest)
    • Created date (oldest to newest)
    • Number of votes (highest to lowest)
    • Number of votes (lowest to highest)

Hello @michaelvrutaal

This video covers this subject in detail :smiley: