Deafult user role for logged out users

Hi, I’ve just noticed the app pages which have a privacy setting on them are still showing for logged out users. Digging into this further, I displayed the user role for current user when logged out. This is showing a user role that is assigned to a logged-in user - “Coach”.
Is there a way to set the user role to Standard when logged out? The redirects were working at one stage but have since stopped, not sure if this is due to a change on my end; or with bubble.

Any advice appreciated.

Hello @felicity.evans

I am not sure if changing the user role dynamically could be beneficial. Apps are usually designed to react to a user role rather (to show/hide content, to process or not process logic depending on the role, etc etc).

Perhaps these resources that explain how user roles and redirection work in Canvas may spark ideas on how to achieve the end result that you are looking for: