Debug on Header Links

Hi there,

If I run as admin and I’m in debug mode and then try to click on a header link (that was created in Canvas) the debugger disappears and this part of the URL disappears - ?debug_mode=true&stay=yes

How can I set it so that it continues to stay there so I can properly debug my app?


Hello @cousens welcome to the forum!

I take it that you are running a recent Canvas version (installed in 2021).

Pages now are divided into “marketing” pages built via a tool called the Canvas Page Builder. These pages are special as they all reside “inside” one Bubble page called …. “page”. :sweat_smile:

And the second type of pages are regular “Bubble” pages.

Marketing pages run on html code and are meant for promotional / informational purposes for logged out users. This was done to make them run fast and to be SEO friendly.

Bubble pages on the other hand are “heavy”, since they load all the necessary resources that the Bubble engine renders on the page, to run all of your app’s logic.

I made the above distinction so that you can differentiate where are you being redirected to when clicking on links,

The header in “vanilla” Canvas directs you to marketing pages and does not follow the redirection logic (flows) available in the index page.

The following video may help explain how to set up the header in a more comprehensive way:

So, short answer to your question is that the debugger is likely disappearing because you navigating away from a Bubble page onto a marketing page where the Bubble logic does not work in a format that the debugger can function.