Desperately need help!

My app is broken. The canvas template automatically logs me out based on not finding any “role” in the workflow. I have made no changes. I can’t “run as” any user or login and stay logged in. Please help!!!

Hello @rmalt22 !

Consider creating a user in the backend with the role “admin”. And run as that user from the backend and see what happens.

Also, you can consult the following resources in order to better understand how page redirection logic works in Canvas:

Didn’t work. Logs me out. Again, I didn’t change anything, which is why this is so frustrating. I thought maybe it had something to do with the change from to, so I tried changing that in the database, but that didn’t work either.


@cmarchan Carlos, I believe I have isolated the problem to the “Get Stay from Page URL” variable, but I don’t know how to fix this

Hello @rmalt22

It seems that the resources shared above should help.

Another point that I should have suggested is to ensure that whatever user you create in the backend should have the “Date signup completed” field filled out. This will help clear that dummy user to get through some checks that are built into the redirection logic that comes standard with Canvas.

Another suggestion to help in your learning of this logic is to create a new app with a free Canvas template. Watch the video and read through the documentation. And compare this logic with the logic available in your app … to pinpoint the differences and apply fix or fixes.

Thanks, yes, I checked that “Date signup completed” and filled it out for the new test user too.

Unbelievable! It turns out it was a browser issue in Chrome and simply clearing the cache solved it. I should have checked that first, but got caught up in the debugging process and missed the obvious first steps.

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