Difference between sendgrid email workflows?

Hi! Can someone tell me the difference between these two options for sending emails via sendgrid (screenshot attached):

  1. Send basic email
  2. Send multiple basic emails

I’m trying to send basic emails to a list of users. I’ve tried both options and neither seems to work - I haven’t received any emails to my test account. What’s odd is that I do have a workflow to send one email to one User when a user joins a group (aka a welcome email) and that works perfectly everytime. I’m trying to send this via an API workflow since it could be an email going to 100s of users at once and I don’t want that to slow things down on the front end if a user wants to send an email from the app.

Basically, my question is which sendgrid workflow (option 1 or 2) should I use for this use case?

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Hey Toby,

Generally, “Send basic email” should be used to send emails. If you can send it to these users with all of them in the BCC field, that should work fine.

The “Send multiple basic emails” action was added for a specific use case where we needed to send the same email with the “To” field containing only one recipient for each email. In this action, the email content is exactly the same for each user, without any customizations like their first name or a personalized link.

Is the “from” email address in the workflow a verified email address? Sending from an unverified email address is one of the most common causes of emails not being sent via the plugin.

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Thanks Chris. I got this working.


hi @toby are you able to send emails using the dynamic templates created using sendgrid? I meant are we able to use templates created through Sendgrid and replace the base Canvas templates with them?