Different user flow after user logs in from a shared link - takes them to their dashboard instead of original page they clicked to view

Hi, I’m trying to fix a user flow problem that happens after a returning user visits the website through a shared url. For example,

  • I share a link to a listing from the website (Fabbulist.com)
  • The user clicks on the link and it takes them to the listing, but because they’re not signed in they’re prompted with a pop-up to do so before they can book the listing or message the owner of the listing (this part works correctly)
  • they continue to sign in and then they’re redirected to their user dashboard as opposed to the listing they originally clicked on before they were prompted to sign in

More details - anybody can view listings on Fabbulist.com, but to book the listing or message its owner, you have to have an account AND be signed in.

I need it so that after they’ve signed in, especially if they’ve come in through a shared link, it takes them back to the page of that shared link they wanted to view in the first place.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hello @lizzyazuya

Set up a field that changes once they have signed up, monitor it on the shared page and redirect the user as needed.

hello @cmarchan just so I’m understanding correctly I should add a field after step number 3 here?

Or is a destination step added after the first step of the login workflow?

This is still unclear to me

Hello @lizzyazuya

  1. That is one option yes.
  2. I gather that those are workflows from the index page on your application. I feel that more information on how user roles and redirection work in general could provide you with the direction that you are looking for. Below you will find a couple of resources that explain them in detail:

Roles & Permissions - Canvas Manual
3. User roles on Vimeo

I’ll check these out. Thanks! @cmarchan

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